Developing High Performance Teams

Module 1: Fundamentals of High Performance Teams
• The definition of a High Performance Team and how it differs from a traditional work group.
• The three elements of High Performance Teams.
• Four types of teams.
• The stages of team development.
• To create an image and name your team.
Module 2: The Team Agreement
• Identify your team’s key customers and stakeholders.
• Determine the performance results expected of your team.
• Decide your team’s purpose.
• Identify the ideal characteristics of your team.
• Develop a set of team operating norms.
Module 3: Effective Meetings
• The characteristics of effective meetings.
• How efficient and effective your meetings are.
• Guidelines to improve the effectiveness of your meetings.
• How to establish and run a meeting from an agenda.
• A format for meeting’s minutes.
• The three leadership roles required for successful meetings.
• Decision skills to improve the quality of team meetings.
Module 4: Customer Focus
• Examine your attitude toward your customer.
• Assess how customer-oriented your team and organization are.
• Discuss and analyze feedback from key customers.
• Identify key customer requirements.
• Develop improvement plans to respond to customer feedback.
• Develop a system for measuring and tracking key customer requirements.
Module 5: Managing the Process
• Learn basic process mapping definitions and skills.
• Map the team’s core process.
• Identify and analyze process variances.
• Identify and analyze key variances.
• Develop action plans to improve the team’s core processes.
• Develop action plans to control key variances.
Module 6: Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
• Learn how to be a self-sufficient and self-directing team.
• Clarify shared team responsibilities.
• Define and prioritize coordinating responsibilities.
• Assign designated roles.
• Understand the aspects of empowerment.
• Use the empowerment matrix as a developmental tool.
• Develop a maturation matrix.
• Understand how the role of leader changes in a High Performance Organization.
Module 7: Setting Goals and Keeping Score
• Understand the importance of setting goals and tracking your performance.
• Learn the building blocks of score keeping.
• Identify your team’s key result areas.
• Establish metrics in each of your key result areas.
• Assess your current performance.
• Set goals in each of your key result areas.
• Evaluate your feedback system.

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