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Bringing over 30 years of business experience leading Financial and Information Technology teams to your organization. Customized leadership programs for your needs including communicating effectively, conflict resolution, empowering employees and much more. Corporate and personal coaching available.

VISION: ExMaC Consulting is dedicated to helping create a business world where leaders inspire and empower their workforce, where people are engaged and love the work they do and the company they do it for.

MISSION: ExMaC Consulting teaches empowered leadership skills that create positive and nurturing workplaces where workers feel valued, inspired and dedicated to doing their best.

PURPOSE: ExMaC Consulting supports leaders with empowering ideas, tools and processes that increases productivity within their teams and boosts bottom-line results.

About our Founder

Kelly Hudson, BBA CGA CPA and LOA Coach

Kelly started her career in 1989 after graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Business Administration with a major in accounting and a minor in Information Technology as well as becoming a Certified General Accountant and Certified Professional Accountant. She quickly realized that while promotions are based on strong technical skills, there was little training or support for the people skills essential to becoming a successful manager.

Kelly believes that people are the biggest asset of any organization, and keeping employees engaged is key to organizational success. Companies can forget to support success on the softer, people side of management, a gap she sought to fill and share with others.

Kelly blended the knowledge and skills learned over her career into two easy and effective programs. These two programs, Leadership and Team Building, can be customized to your organization or specific situation to set you up for success in your managerial role. These targeted programs can be delivered in an individual or group setting and customized to suit your budget.

Kelly also provides personal coaching to help you define and work toward YOUR goals. Through targeted processes , in part using cognitive behavior therapy and neuro-linguistic programming techniques, Kelly will help you re-program your thoughts and actions to be, do or have anything you want to accomplish in any area of focus. Want that promotion? Want better relationships with your family? Want to learn how to live with joy every day? Kelly will provide you with the processes and tools to help you succeed.


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