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Coaching can benefit almost anyone in almost any situation. The benefits that you will achieve from your coaching experience depend very much on what you choose to work on. However, there are some core benefits generally seen in any coaching relationship. Whatever your specific goal is, coaching can help you to:

  1. Learn more effectively by helping you take ongoing actions on current, real-world goals and sharing feedback with others along the way. This is really the way that adults learn best.
  2. Solve complex problems by helping you continually re-frame your perspective and continue to take action toward solutions.
  3. Find more meaning by helping you participate more wholeheartedly and realistically in the here-and now, thereby living a more authentic and joyful life in a deliberate way.
  4. Feel secure in a non-judgmental, supportive and positive setting.

Effective coaching challenges limiting assumptions embedded in our viewpoints about self and others in a way that is different than teaching or training. Good teaching and training also challenge the limits of learners, but in a different way — by adding new knowledge and skills … coaching is a unique form of dialogue that expands an individual’s capacity to transform his or her limiting beliefs.

William Stockton, in “Mobius Model Coaching Workshop” 

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